Colors and flavors in Old Akko


Today I would like to share a Colorful Tour of Old Akko market on a sunny Friday morning.

In the Market you will find a selection of aromas and flavors.

The Candy stalls attracted me the most thanks to the wonderful colors and flavors.

Here’s a quick Look 🙂





Street Food

Hello again!

At this time I’ve visited in a great Asian Restaurant.
The food was really good and the all experience was really enjoyable.
The funny thing is , that the restaurant is located inside of a Supermarket!
Surely, I didnt expected to find a great restaurant inside of a supermarket…
I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.. 🙂

Asian food 1


Hello everyone,

As this is the first post of my blog,  I decided to b optimistic and  share with you guys

something really cool I saw in the vegetable department at the supermarket.

People who have seen me around taking this picture  said “like”.

hope you like it too 🙂
Have a great week …………